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Facilitation, training and development services for non-profit professional, trade and philanthropic organizations

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Products and Services


DCS specializes in 

  • design and facilitation of consensus building and decision-making processes

  • governance, management and program evaluations
  • unique interactive training sessions
  • customized leadership and board development tools
  • training design and facilitator coaching 


DCS clients experience . . .

  • unique interactive learning environments

  • programs and processes customized to the organization’s needs, program/project goals, and members’ preferred learning styles
  • advanced understanding of the systems, structure, organizational culture, and program areas of non-profit organizations 
  • advanced practice in the management of group dynamics, interactive group techniques and the creation of an open environment for creativity and strategic thinking


Leadership Development Services
“Effective leaders bring out the best in people by stimulating them to achieve what they thought was impossible.”
-- Anonymous

Leadership development services from DCS are designed to enhance the quality and productivity of the leadership experience -- for the individual leader, the leader-staff partnership and the organization.

Leadership Development Tools
Reference materials, tools and templates to reinforce best practices, help leaders apply concepts and fulfill job responsibilities effectively and consistently.


  • Leader Support Tools (planning templates, checklists, assessments)
  • Customized Personal Leadership/Team Assessments
  • Leadership Manuals, Workbooks

Leadership Development Systems
Thorough analysis of your organization’s environment and strategy for cultivating active volunteers and qualified, committed leaders. 

  • Leadership Development System Evaluation and Design
  • Customized Leadership Development Strategies

Facilitation Training
Investment in the development of in-house leader and staff facilitation and group management expertise.


  • Train-the-trainer Program (for staff and/or volunteer presenters and discussion leaders)
  • One-on-one Facilitator Coaching

Training Program Design and Delivery
Comprehensive design and delivery services based on proven adult learning principles, interactive training techniques and a thorough understanding of your organization’s training goals and leader profile.


  • Leadership Training Conference Evaluation and Design
  • Leader/Member Orientation Program Design
  • Pre-packaged Training Program Modules with facilitator guide, handouts and training aids
  • Interactive Learning Activity Design
  • Strategies and Tools to Reinforce Learning
  • Program Delivery (on a wide variety of topics for leaders and staff, including mobilizing member involvement, planning, leader effectiveness, board development, meeting management, communication, high performance teams, strategic thinking, national-chapter relations, etc.
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Program/Forum Moderator Services

Organizational Development Services
“Strategy without vision is like motion without direction” 
-- Douglas Eadie

Organization development services from DCS help leaders and staff look with a critical eye at the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as a vehicle to deliver on the mission and make a difference for members and the profession. 

Strategic Planning and Strategic Issue Deliberation
Comprehensive menu of planning services, from customized process design to implementation tools that ensure integration of your plan into daily operations at the board, committee and staff levels. Support in framing and deliberation of strategic issues that impact your organization’s future.


  • Pre-planning Services, including planning process design, environmental scans, research, scenario development 

  • Planning Services, including facilitation of planning sessions/retreats, planning tools
  • Post-planning Services, including plan monitoring/measuring/reporting processes,  implementation tools and templates, and development of a planning cycle
  • Strategic Issue Framing and Deliberation
  • Key Message Development
  • Program/Service Evaluation

Examination of critical components of governance – structure, process, people and resources – and how they work together efficiently and effectively to ensure the organization can achieve its stated mission, goals and priorities.  Analysis and recommendations based on governance and organizational development principles and best practice. 

  • Governance Evaluation
  • Board Performance Assessment and Tools
  • Board Orientation Program 
  • Board Development Strategies
  • Facilitation of Mergers and Collaborations

Chapter Development
Building strong, effective chapter structures and operations, and productive national-chapter relations.


  • National-Chapter Partnership Evaluation

  • Chapter Leader Training and Orientation
  • Chapter Development Strategies

Research and Evaluation
Targeted assessment of constituent needs, interests, perceptions and expectations.  Quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis to support planning, decision-making and program development.

  • Member Surveys
  • Focus Group and Forum Facilitation
  • Interviews
  • Research Analysis and Reports

Examination of staff structure, operating systems, and organizational culture to ensure the capacity and environment to support organizational goals and priorities. Analysis and recommendations based on management and organizational development principles and best practice. 


  • Executive Search Support, including systems, tools, administration and consultation

  • Management/Operations Evaluation
  • Performance Management Systems and Tools
  • Staff Retreats

Membership Development Services
“There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being -- to help someone succeed.” 
-- Alan Loy McGinnis

Membership development services from DCS bring a fresh perspective to tired campaigns and strategies, providing the direction, tools and support needed to strengthen the overall membership development system in your organization and produce bottom-line results.  

Membership Planning
Development of a comprehensive membership plan addressing all five stages of the membership development process – prospecting, recruiting, orienting, involving and renewing.  Planning process and strategies are tailored to your organization’s goals, professional environment and market potential.


  • Membership Development Planning, including marketplace/competitive analysis, goal setting and key message development, strategy development, integration of plan into association operations and activities,  reporting and evaluation strategies


Membership Program Development
Development of individual membership strategies and programs to support plan goals.


  • Recruitment Campaigns

  • Renewal Campaigns
  • New Member Orientation Programs
  • Chapter Membership Programs and Campaigns

Interactive, application-oriented training to build the skills and confidence of those charged with conveying the value of membership in your organization.


  • Recruiter Training Program and Tools
  • Customer Service Training Program and Tools
  • Membership Training Design
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